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    Посольство Королевства Таиланд в Москве : Summary of Statement on the Abhisit Vejjajiva Administration?s Performance in the Past Two Years

    Новости и информация /

    Summary of Statement on the Abhisit Vejjajiva Administration?s Performance in the Past Two Years

    (As of 2010-12-27)

    Summary of Statement on the Abhisit Vejjajiva Administration’s Performance
    in the Past Two Years
    Friday 20 December 2010 at Government House

    The situation prior to and after the Government’s two years in office

    Before the Government took office, Thailand had been facing numerous economic, social, and political limitations stemming from both internal and external factors. As the global economy experienced one of the most severe crises in the century, Thailand experienced social conflicts arising from differences in opinions, social gaps, and lack of equality which further slowed economic growth. The unemployment problem, which was expected to become severe, also presented an obstacle in national governance towards wealth and stability.

    The Government implemented urgent measures and laid a firm foundation for stand and sustainable socio-economic development to quickly and continuously solve the problems and alleviate the situation. During the two years in office, the Government enacted nine ‘iron rules’ for work practices to gain public confidence that the Government had all the sincerity and seriousness of purpose in governing the country with a view to overcoming those challenges and moving the country towards peace and security.

    It was clear that, during the past two years, the Government has worked diligently and with determination in solving problems to bring about more equitable development and reduce social gaps, using political science and legal principle based on justice and non discrimination. Such an approach led to effective solutions, economic recovery, and peaceful society, thus generating overall positive impacts on every dimension of national development. Such a progress can be seen in:

    • The GDP growth rate of at least 7.9% in 2010 – a remarkable rebound from severe recession with negative growth of -2.33% during the same period before the Government took office.

    • Reduction in unemployment figures to only 343,000 (0.9%) in 2010 compared with the estimate 2 million unemployed people before the Government came to office.

    • Export value between November 2008 – November 2010 that unprecedentedly increased to USD 17,700 million from the previous figure of USD 11,800 in the period before the Government was selected.

    • The number of tourists reached a record high of 15.2 million in 2010 compared to only 14.6 million in 2008. The 2010 tourist number also exceeded the target.

    • Stock market index adjusted upwards during the two-year period that the Government was in the office, rising to as high as 1,2002.90 points, when compared to the same period before the Government came in, when it stood at only 449.96 point.

    • Price of agricultural produce – it was clear that Government measures provided effective assistance to individual farmers across the country, as can be seen from:
      • Rice price, which has increased to Baht 13,645/ton from Baht 12,755/ton during the two years since the Government took office;
      • Corn price, rose to Baht 8.67%/kilogram from Baht 6.51/kilogram during the two years since the Government took office;
      • Cassava price, has risen to Baht 3.25/kilogram from Baht1.16/kilogram during the two years since the Government took office;
      • Rubber price, increased to Baht 117/kilogram compared to Baht 34/kilogram during the two year since the Government took office;
      • Oil palm price, rose to Baht 6.67/kilogram from the 3.31/kilogram during the two years that the Government took office.

    From the above achievements, it is evident that the Government not only solved the most pressing concerns but also carried out measures that addressed long-term economic, social, and political needs of the country. Despite the fact the Government may not stay its full term, the country needs to proceed towards comprehensive reform to achieve reconciliation in an integrated, continuous, and non-discriminatory manner, particularly in –

    Policy implementations for the Public in resolving problems

    • Reduce living expenses, from electricity, free water, free train ride, free bus service – this would help disposable income for the family and enhance happiness in the family.

    • Free 15-year of basic education, income support for 5.7 million elderly – a form of social welfare service to enhance living standard of the people.

    • Universal healthcare scheme for 63 million people - a form of social welfare service that the Government deems to necessary to pursue continuously and expand to cover all Thais.

    • Financial remuneration for 976,343 healthcare volunteers – a form of social welfare service provided by the Government to provide encouragement and moral support for local civil servants in order to boost the efficiency of their performance.

    • Income guarantee for 4 million farmers, with 36,498 million baht – a measure provided by the Government for small-scale farmers so that they can have fair and just income, It also helps reduce social gap.

    • Measure to reduce informal debt – 1 million people have registered for the scheme, of which 600,000 people have already been assisted. This is a measure introduced by the Government in order to assist low income people to better enhance their understanding of activities that can create income, reduce expenses and promote sufficient living. Debt doctors could help provide advice.

    • Community land deeds, already approved for 35 pieces of land – is a measure that the Government introduced to assist homeless people and people without land to earn a living, especially those without land to grow crops.

    • The Thai Khem Kaeng scheme, which includes upgrading of 2,930 schools, improvements for 900 roads, covering more than 3,000 km – is an urgent measure introduced by the state to improve social and economic foundation in order to foster the long-term development of the country.

    • Resolving the Map Ta Phut issue; set up a committee to resolve and monitor progress on the resolution of the problem; Cabinet approved tax collection from polluters – the public sector recognized the impact on the private sector from the development of the Map Tha Phut, and speed up the resolution of the problem in the short and long terms, which also allows for public participation.

    • 5,000 baht assistance per household for flood victims – more than 600,000 households have benefited total value more than 3,000 million baht – this is an urgent measure introduced by the Government to respond to the flood problem to help provide relief to flood victim. Additional measures to be introduced include assistance for typhoon victims.

    Future initiatives to enhance happiness for Thai society

    • Establish land band and allocate land to be used for the benefit of farmers – to reduce disparities and promote equality and justice in society.

    • Develop the rail transport system with a budget of 180,000 million baht; jointly develop high speed train with China; build 5 more BTS lines to provide increased service to 3.3 million passengers – to prepare the country for the future development in terms of connectivity with neighbouring countries

    • Low-cost internet system for 40 million users by 2015 – to create learning opportunity and equality for Thai society so that it can keep up with the rapid changes in the world.

    • Announcement of the National Reconciliation Plan for Thailand, as a new year present for the Thai people on 1 January 2011 to promote equality and justice in respect to economic, social welfare, politics, judicial process, and education – to foster reconciliation among Thais.

    Foreign Affairs

    Since the Government took office, Thailand’s role in the international community has been enhanced and been well accepted. In addition to discharging Thailand’s responsibility as Chair of ASEAN, the Government has worked to promote the country’s relations with neighbouring countries, which have made good progress. With regard to border-related issues, the Government has done it utmost to protect Thailand’s sovereignty.

    Thailand has also played a progressive role in contributing to the United Nations peacekeeping operations in Darfur, while the Royal Thai Navy has dispatched its vessels to participate in the international efforts in patrolling and protecting ships from pirate attaches in the Gulf of Aden.

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