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    Khon Kaen International Marathon - Посольство Королевства Таиланд в Москве :

    Праздники и Фестивали /

    Khon Kaen International Marathon

    Date: 31 January 2010
    Venue: Khon Kaen university

    Running 42 km for fun, or perhaps a faster time, can be a mite easier if it is on a scenic route past a city’s key attractions. It breaks the boredom and allows serious marathoners to notch up another course on a list of “been there, run those cities.”

    Now in its sixth year the Khon Kaen International Marathon, held 31 January at the town’s university, commands respect from runners looking for a well organised event and an opportunity to establish a personal best; the holy grail for marathoners.

    Those objectives are within reach due to the picturesque course over undulating terrain that prevents boredom as well as the event’s timing in late January when lower humidity helps serious runners achieve a personal best.

    It is one of the few marathons held in what Thailand’s residents like to call winter -- a few weeks in the year when early morning temperatures hover in the low 20s.

    The full 42-km marathon starts at 0600 followed by a half-marathon and mini-marathon for youngsters, or those who prefer a brisk space over a 10 km distance.

    Khon Kaen, 445 km from Bangkok, is a gateway town to the mid-northeast region. Thai Airways International flies four to five services daily from Bangkok to the town’s airport, just 12 km away from downtown hotels. There are also frequent air-conditioned bus services and main railway line from Bangkok to Nong Khai on the border with Laos passes through the heart of the town.

    It is probably best known as a university town, with more than 20,000 students on the largest campus in the Northeast. Of course, like all busy provincial towns it has its fair share of department stores, shops, and hotels of every standard and size, from five-star through to tiny boutique-style properties.

    Once the marathon is over, runners can restore their energy levels at a variety of restaurants, open air food markets or take a time off to explore the town.
    Due to its geographical location it is also an ideal spot to explore the Northeast by rental car, travelling north to Udon Thani, or east to Sakhon Nakhon and the Mekong riverside town of Nakhon Phanom, before returning to Khon Kaen to connect with daily flights to Bangkok.

    For more information
    Khon Kaen University Alumni Association, Khon Kaen University,
    Tel. 66 4320 2388-9, 66 4320 2750, 66 4320 2222-41 Ext. 1900, 1499
    Website : www.khonkaenmarathon.com
    Email: jackykkmarathon@hotmail.com, lekthip@hotmail.com

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