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    Thailand?s New Year Countdown celebrations - Посольство Королевства Таиланд в Москве :

    Праздники и Фестивали /

    Thailand?s New Year Countdown celebrations

    Date: 31 December 2009 - 1 January 2010
    Venue: The National Stadium; Sanam Luang

    Thais know how to party. Some might say at the drop of a hat. A party brings out the best in national identity – a broad genuine Thai smile. So should we be surprised that Thailand is a favoured venue to celebrate New Year? This is the land of smiles and “sanook”.

    Whether the countdown is in Bangkok, Phuket or a far northern destination, the celebrations will carry the hallmarks of fun and genuine hospitality that make the country such a rewarding destination to visit.

    Of course, Bangkok has a mission to fulfill. It aspires to make its 2010 New Year Countdown a mega-celebration, on par with the biggest and brightest in Asia Pacific.

    The spotlight is on the “Hands Bangkok Countdown”, where more than 200,000 New Year party goers will mingle in the downtown CentralWorld Square. Festivities begin 21 December and culminate in the countdown on New Year’s Eve extending through New Year’s Day.

    Concerts and live on-stage performances, the informal atmosphere of beer gardens and light and sound shows support a theme of peace and joining hands across a multitude of cultures and races.
    According to the organisers, joining hands will bring people together -- lovers, friends and families -- to celebrate the hopes and destiny of a New Year.

    A gigantic screen will allow party goers to view the countdown celebrations in countries in the same time zone, while a giant 21 metre-high Greeting Ball Tower, with a three-metre diameter LCD orb-screen will create bursts of stunning display of light, colour, sound and movement at minute intervals over the party scene, until the countdown begins and the fireworks light up the sky.

    There are two other official locations for New Year celebrations.

    The National Stadium, just 2 km from CentralWorld Square on the city’s Skytrain route, will be packed to capacity as residents and tourists enjoy an evening of musical concerts, variety show performances organised by GMM Grammy Records and Channel 9. TV stars will turn out to entertain the crowd, while a huge screen will show nation-wide countdown celebrations as the minutes tick by.

    A more traditional Thai celebration will underscore activities at the city’s Sanam Luang, with the famed temple roofs and spires in the Grand Palace courtyards providing the backdrop. Crowds will gather on the historic spacious parade ground, facing Thammasat University, to enjoy classical dance performances, folk songs from the various provinces and musical concerts for an older generation of city residents.

    As the countdown celebrations get underway, firework displays along the banks of the nearby Chao Phraya River will illuminate the sky.

    For More Information: Please call 1672
    or Events Planning Division, TAT Tel. 66 (0) 2250 5500 ext 3465-3468

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