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    Amazing Thailand Adventure Race Series - Посольство Королевства Таиланд в Москве :

    Праздники и Фестивали /

    Amazing Thailand Adventure Race Series

    Date: 19 September 2009
    Venue: IBIS hotel, Samui

    The Ibis Koh Samui Trophy brings the new, spectacular and fast growing sport of Adventure Racing to the South of Thailand.

    Supported by Ibis, The Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Tourism Association of Koh Samui and the Thai Hotel Association of Koh Samui, this inaugural Adventure Race is set to attract 150 teams from around the world.

    Scheduled on September 19 and part of the Amazing Thailand Adventure Race Series, the race will start and finish from the magnificent Bohput beach in front of the IBIS hotel in Bohput.
    Adventure Racing is a highly visual and dynamic sport genre, stretching competitors to their limits.
    It is a sport that is rapidly capturing the imagination of sport people in Thailand and around the world.

    “After the tremendous success of the other races of the Series in Kanchanaburi, Nong Chok and Chiang Mai, it was important to have a competition in the South” explains Serge Henkens, the Race Director and managing director of Active Management Asia.

    20% of the sponsor’s donations will go to environment friendly initiatives brought by “The Green Island Project”, a local green association.

    “Despite 10 years of unbelievable development, we wanted to show that the Island has a lot to offer and is still a paradise destination”continues Henkens. “Well-known for its magnificent beaches, Samui also offers fantastic opportunities for Adventure and Great Outdoor lovers. The Island has all the ingredients for a memorable race: the blue ocean, forests, mountains, water falls, sandy beaches and a very rich fauna and flora. The perfect recipe for great Adventure Racing” concludes Henkens.

    The Koh Samui Trophy will offer 4 disciplines: Running, Cycling, Kayaking and Swimming.
    The competitors will hike and run through unspoiled jungle, paddle and swim on the turquoise waters of the gulf of Thailand and cycle over the hills with spectacular views on the ocean.

    As we offer 2 divisions, Adventure (easier course) and Extreme (longer course), the race is really accessible to everyone! continues Henkens.

    The winners of the extreme division are expected to complete the course in approximately 4:30.

    The fastest team in the Adventure division is planned to finish in around 3:30h.

    The Race offers 2 divisions:

    • Adventure (Short course for newcomers and W.E. warriors)
    • Extreme (Long course for confirmed athletes and experienced Racers)

    Disciplines: Running, Kayaking, Biking, Swimming and other mystery tests
    Teams of 2 racers
    Categories will be: Men, Women, Mixed, Masters Men (over 80 years combined) and Seniors Men (over 100 years combined)

    About IBIS
    Ibis, the worldwide economy hotel brand of the Accor group, offers consistent quality accommodation and services in all its hotels, for the best local value.
    Ibis Samui is the 4th Ibis hotel opened in Thailand after ibis Phuket Patong, Ibis Pattaya and Ibis Bangkok Sathorn.
    Ibis is also reinforcing its presence this year in Bangkok with the Ibis Bangkok Nana, opened in March and Ibis Phuket Kata opening end of the year.

    About Active Management Asia
    Adventure racing is a new sport that has exploded in popularity across Asia and Thailand. Active Management Asia is leading that growth in Thailand with its highly popular Amazing Adventure Race Series.
    Now in its third year of operation, Active Management Asia has established an international reputation
    for solid logistics and challenging race courses. These non-stop races, ranging in length from 4-8
    hours, require teams to run, trek, mountain bike and paddle, while navigating a course through the wilderness.
    Likened to an expedition with a stopwatch, adventure racing requires teamwork, perseverance, strategy and determination.

    For more information:
    Active Management Asia Co., Ltd
    Khun Ying (Thai-English)
    Tel: 02 7189581-2
    Fax: 02 7189583
    Email: info@active-asia.com
    Website: www.kohsamuitrophy.com www.active-asia.com

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