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    Bhumibol Dam Invitation International Mountain Bike Championship 2010 - Посольство Королевства Таиланд в Москве :

    Праздники и Фестивали /

    Bhumibol Dam Invitation International Mountain Bike Championship 2010

    Date: 28 - 29 August 2010
    Venue: Tak

    Each year, mountain bikers gather at one of Thailand’s most scenic dams for a series of mountain bike races and other fun activities.

    For more than five years, this Thailand mountain biking event has attracted both locals and overseas visitors to test their biking skills and enjoy a healthy pastime.

    Backing the event are the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Sports Authority of Thailand. Created to promote an interest in outdoor sports and also encourage ecotourism at both national and international levels, these Thailand mountain biking races underscore the beauty of Tak province, particularly the attractive scenery that surrounds one of the country’s largest dams.

    During the event, mountain bikers and their families gather at the starting line on the crest of the spectacular Bhumibol Dam for two days of races. This very scenic location provides a variety of race routes that will both challenge semi-pro mountain bike racers and please recreational riders.

    It is up to the participants as to how far they wish to push their bikes and bodies. If they want the thrill of dropping down steep slopes through jungle terrain, or the steady pace of riding along a trail over rolling hills that border the reservoir, the organizers have a choice of categories to deliver the right experience. In fact, there are six categories to choose from: Long distance 60 km; family 16 km; tour biking 10 km; cyclo-cross on the dam’s crest, 5 km; international race 39 km; and amateur 24 km.

    Just to ensure all the hard physical activity is balanced with lots of fun, the organizers encourage visitors and participants to display their two wheelers in an ancient bike contest. The vintage line up is impressive with some participants showing off bikes that would do justice to a museum.

    To round off the fun there are booths selling bike equipment at discount prices. All this is described as a heavenly experience for biking enthusiasts, who always discover they need to make just one more purchase to round off the beauty or technical excellence of their prized bikes.

    Bhumibol Dam is located in Tak province, 426 km north of Bangkok. The race site, at the crest of the dam, is 60 km north of Tak provincial town, where most of the hotel accommodation is located.

    Other activities :
    - Funny bike (sightseeing around Bhumibol Dam)
    - Bike equipment shops (special price)
    - OTOP products of Tak Province
    - Folk music by Bhumibol Dam youth club. (Evening)
    - Youth activities for environmental protection and global warming concerns.

    How to get there:

    By bus 

    TAK : How to get there , General Information How to get there Map GIS Map, Attraction Accommodation Restaurant/Dining Shopping/Souvenir, Local Product Festival Activities Trip Guide, Interesting Article Download Corner,Distances from Amphoe Muang to Other Districts:,Ban Tak,Sam Ngao,Mae Sot,Mae Ramat,Phop Phra,Tha Song Yang,Umphang,Wang Chao 22,56,86,120,135,170,221,38 kms.,kms.,kms.,kms.,kms.,kms.,kms.,kms.,Distances from Tak to Neighbouring Provinces:,Kamphaeng Phet ,Sukhothai,Phichit,Nakhon Sawan 68,79,157,185 kms.,kms.,kms.,kms.,Travelling to Tak , , ,From Bangkok, take Highway No. 1 (Phahonyothin) and Highway No. 32 to Nakhon Sawan via Ayutthaya, Ang Thong, Sing Buri and Chai Nat Provinces, then take Highway No. 1 again and proceed to Tak via Kamphaeng Phet Province. The total distance is 426 kilometers., ,From Bangkok: Air-conditioned buses depart from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Mochit 2 Bus Terminal)to Tak between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. every day. The journey takes 6 hours. Call 0 2936 2852-66 or visit www.transport.co.th for updated schedules. Daily bus services to Tak are also available. They are operated by private bus companies such as Thanchit Tour (Tel: 0 2551 1307), Choet Chai Tour (Tel: 0 2551 1054).

    By train

    From Bangkok: There are no trains going directly to Tak. The nearest train transfer station is Phitsanulok. From there, tourists can take a local bus to Tak. Contact Bangkok Railway Station Tel. 1690, 0223 7010, 0 2223 7020 or visit www.railway.co.th for more information.

    By other

    From Bangkok, take Highway No. 1 (Phahonyothin) and Highway No. 32 to Nakhon Sawan via Ayutthaya, Ang Thong, Sing Buri and Chai Nat Provinces, then take Highway No. 1 again and proceed to Tak via Kamphaeng Phet Province. The total distance is 426 kilometers.


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